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Our Story:


What Is E-Bike of the Rockies:

We are an authorized dealer of Himiway, AIMA, & Serial 1 E-Bikes.  EBike of the Rockies is not your typical brick and mortar bike store. We have a physical location in Cheyenne, Wy where we encourage customers to make an appointment M-F 9AM to 4PM. On weekends we do pop-up locations throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. 

How will I know where your locations will be?

We generally will know our targeted locations a few months to a year in advance and will post those on our social media sites. In addition, we will advertise in that area prior to and during our event.

When do I get my new bike?

In most cases when you purchase a bike from one of our pop-up events, we will have it ready for you at the time of sale or within a few hours. We go over the bike with you making sure everything is adjusted to your preference and you know all there is to know in operating your new bike. In addition, we carry a large inventory of bike accessories so you can customize your new ride.

What about after the sale?

No need to worry about after the sale service! EBike of the Rockies establishes relationships with bike stores in the area we do pop ups to assist our customers in any way needed from minor adjustments to repairs. A bike purchased from EBike of the Rockies comes with all the same warranty that bike stores provide or when buying directly from manufactures and if a problem does arise, we assist you in getting the issue corrected and your bike back to you.

eCommerce sales: 

We also offer an eCommerce store where you can purchase your EBike online with delivery right to your front door straight from the manufacturer. 

 Product accessories:

We carry most anything you will need for your new wheels from tire sealant to pannier bags. Items will be available at our events, our eCommerce site and our Cheyenne location. Bike purchases get a 20% discount on in stock accessories purchased at the time of the bike sale.

Simply Put:

We keep a large inventory of bikes in stock from different manufacturers and styles at prices you won’t see from anyone. We take pride in our after sale customer support and look forward to your repeat visit and or referals.

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