Obtaining a Colorado E-Bike Rebate

We are accepting the Colorado $450 tax credit rebate!
Redeem at the time of sale.
Colorado residents receive 1 per year.
Kids qualify as well

Starting April 1, 2024, Coloradans will get a $450 discount on a qualifying e-bike purchase from a participating retailer across the state. eBikes USA is a participating dealer offering the State of Colorado $450 tax credit at the time of purchase.

Who is eligible? 

Each person living in Colorado may receive the discount on the purchase of one (1) e-bike from a participating retailer each calendar year. The purchaser is responsible for paying the full sales tax on the bike, even if the discount exceeds the bike’s price.

Proof of a physical Colorado address is required at the time of purchase. All documents must be dated within three months of the e-bike date of purchase.

Can I use the discount on any ebike?

Not all e-bikes available on the market are eligible for the e-bike tax credit discount. Please check the ebikes requirements before purchasing. 

  • Must meet independent UL certification standards.
  • Must be a new e-bike.
  • Must have an electric motor that is 750 watts or less and must not be gasoline-powered.
  • Must have two or three wheels and fully operable pedals.
  • May be any class of e-bike (per the State of Colorado e-bike definition).
  • May be an adaptive e-bike.

For more information, visit Colorado’s eBike Tax Credit page below

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